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SNMP v1,v2c,v3 Forwarder Utility

This utility is designed to resolve real time issues when multiple SNMP requests are sent from the command generator(s) (managers) to an SNMP command responder (agent) and the responses are sent back accordingly. The SNMP Forwarder utility acts as a proxy agent by receiving request from manager application(s) and forwarding them to the specified SNMP agent. The replies from that agent are also forwarder back to the command generator (manager).

Neither command generator's nor command responder's behaviour changes by introducing the SNMP Forwarder utility sitting in between the entities. Therefore, debugging using the SNMP Forwarder utility does not disturb communicatoins between command generators and command responders.

Typical examples where the SNMP Forwarder utility would be extremely useful are:

  • debugging sparse table retrieval,
  • debugging SNMPv3 engine ID discovery,
  • debugging MIB traversing etc.

SNMP Forwarder utility supports SNMP v1,v2c and V3. The SNMPv3 messages can be authenticated and decoded on the fly using SNMPv3 security parameters. The SNMP message trace can be saved to disk and subsequently loaded for off-line viewing. The SNMP message trace can be also exported to a text file.

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