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"Also, I am taking this opportunity to put in two good words about your toolkit. Let me tell you at this point that it is simply great. I have used all the available toolkits but none of them could handle the performance. None of them were robust enough to perform the job during the stress time.

I have used your toolkit and saved us at least three months of work. I congratulate you for developing this. In fact, you could sell it at much higher price because amount of testing time it can save."

Jagat Shah
Prism Communications

"I've been very pleased with the functionality, performance, and ease-of-use of Logisoft AR's SNMP Toolkit. When any questions and problems arose, technical support was prompt and effective."

Philip Gillis
Lucent Technologies

"We are successfully using your toolkit because it's easy and efficient to develop with and is quickly deployed both on developer's and on target machines. However, what is almost more useful than a good tool is the outstanding support we have received from your company!"

Thomas Staudte

"Nice and simple, just as I like."

Nick Garnett
LJRS, Incorporated

"Boy, you guys are sure responsive."

Mark Penrose
Network Watch

"I want to again thank you for your technical support. Without your excellent support, I would not have gotten this far on the SNMP issue. It would probably have taken me a much longer period of time."

Jim McPherson
Communications Devices Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my (registered!) copy of RexxBOS, and want to compliment you on a great job. It works like a charm on my CGI scripts.

Glenn Williams
Advanced Decisions Inc.

"I have successfully implemented Trap support using your toolkit. Thanks for your excellent support through-out this process. You responded quickly, thoroughly and effectively to all of my questions. "

Kevin Woram, Engineering Manager
COI Software

"I am very impressed with your product, and its documentation, and your customer list. I have developed a product, using your product, that interrogates printers, and gets various pieces of Status information from them such as Page count, Toner Low, Toner empty, Printer down for more than a specified period (eg 2 hours), Printer Jammed, Printer switched off, Printer requires a service call. This information is then emailed to a specified email address or sent via an SMS message. "

Osborn Lindsay
LINDSAY Information Systems, South Africa

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