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SNMP Tools. SNMP Software Debugging and Testing.

SNMP Tracer Utility SNMP Sender Utility Graphic SNMP Request Editor

SNMP Utilities are an integral part of all the SNMP products. These utilities are very helpful for SNMP software developing, debugging and testing. However, they are also an excellent SNMP learning and investigative tool.

The utilities have a simple and intuitive graphic user interface that helps to avoid some programming when experiments are required. With their help a developer can create and send SNMP requests in a matter of seconds.

One of the unique features includes the measuring of the network delays and the saturation point of the SNMP responder entities. This feature is very valuable for creating robust network management software.

SNMP Tracer

This utility is an SNMP protocol analyzer. It displays incoming SNMP messages in details including:
  • SNMP Message Header Fields
  • Protocol Data Unit (PDU) Fields
  • Variable Binding List: Variable Types, Object Identifiers and Values
  • Hex Dump of the Entire Message (Optional)

snmp utility for protocol analysis, snmp message tracer

The tracer utility can listen not only on standard SNMP request port 161 and/or trap port 162, but also on any other port.

The captured trace can be saved to disk in ASCII text file or printed.

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SNMP Sender

The sender utility features include:
  • Graphic SNMP Message Editor
  • SNMP Performance Tester
  • SNMP Protocol Analyzer and Display Facility

snmp utility for snmp testing and snmp debugging

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SNMP Request Editor

The Graphic SNMP Message Editor provides an easy way to use interface to construct SNMPv1 or SNMPv2 messages. The messages can then be send to one or multiple IP addresses. The sent messages and replies are displayed and the results can be saved to an ASCII file or printed.

snmp utility saves time on prototyping and speeds up snmp development process

The SNMP messages can be also saved to disk and then loaded. This feature can be used for building a set of tests especially useful for the regression testing.

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SNMP Performance Testing

The constructed messages can be used with the built-in SNMP Performance Tester function that displays average network delay, packet loss and maximum throughput the responder SNMP entity can handle. This feature gives live data on WAN that helps to tune SNMP parameters such as time-out period, number of retransmissions, etc. on a per-node basis.

The Protocol Analyzer and Display Facility displays SNMP message details: header fields and variable types, object identifiers and values.

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